Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow

I have been really convicted lately that I am thinking WAY more about the future than I am about the present. And by thinking, I mean worrying. Stressing. Obsessing.

It’s just so easy. The future is unknown. Scary. Exciting. Daunting. There are so many possibilities to consider. And I know I’m not aloneImage result for worrying about tomorrow. My students – especially the seniors – have the same struggle. Even worse, in some cases, because they are trying to decide on colleges and majors and life.

But Jesus Himself tells us not to worry about tomorrow because “each day has enough trouble of its own”(Mt. 6:34). And yet, what fills my mind? Tomorrow….and tomorrow…and tomorrow.

What God has been speaking to me about this is that, in all this worrying about tomorrows, I am missing out on the plans He has for me today. There have been people He has wanted me to serve and love, there have been good things He has wanted me to do, there have been lessons He has wanted me to learn, and I have missed them all.

Because my eyes were on tomorrow, I have missed so many todays.

So I am resolved to resist worries about tomorrow. To focus on today. No more missing out on God’s directions and blessings. No more stressing over what I cannot change and what may not really matter, anyway.

I am resolved to be present.

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  1. Kim Ordile
    Feb 5, 2018

    This is the prayer of my heart too! Thank you for sharing your walk with the Lord!

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