Preparing for Battle

Sometimes, I repost blogs I’ve previously written. Usually, I just update them and don’t mention they’re a repost. This time, though, I am telling you because we are currently in the battle that I was preparing for here. And, I am happy to report, at least for now, that Thomas is listening to those lessons from the past!

From September 30, 2013

This is my son, Thomas. He is 10. He loves soccer, Big Macs, and potty humor.

ThomasHe does not, however, love girls.


The other day, Thomas and I were talking, and we got on the subject of dating. I told him that someday, he was going to like girls. Really like them. “You’ll even want to kiss them.” I said.

His reply? “Now that’s just nasty!”

So I decided to write a blog about the conversation so I could remind him of it when the hormones begin to kick in.

Just kidding.

Kind of.

But it did give me an idea for this post. It reminded me that, though Thomas can’t imagine he’ll ever want to kiss girls, I know he will. Because I am older, I have lived longer, and I have observed the behavior of preteens and teens, I know what’s coming, even if he doesn’t. And my husband and I are trying to prepare Thomas for what’s coming, even if Thomas doesn’t see it and – most definitely – does not appreciate it.

I talk to Thomas about girls because, when those hormones hit and he sees some cute little girl across the schoolyard, I want him to be ready for the next thought that will come into his mind. And the one after that. I want him to battle thoughts that would dishonor God and disrespect that girl. I want him to control his impulses so that when God does bring “the one” into his life, he is ready for her.

God does the same thing for us. He teaches us through his word how to resist temptations, so that when we face them, we are ready. He teaches us through others – sometimes others who might be annoying or frustrating – to make us more patient. He teaches us through difficult circumstances so we can turn around and help others in the same situation. God brings us into and out of places for reasons that we don’t always see at the time, but reasons that are for our good, to help us become who he desires for us to become.

So listen to Him. The Heavenly Father knows best.

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  1. Keilah
    Dec 28, 2017

    aww nice message and funny story 🙂

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