McGee Christmas Card

I have decided to go “paperless” this year with my Christmas card. (Because “paperless” sounds so much more respectable than “lazy”;))

Dave & Krista

This was a bittersweet year for us. We are raising our kids with the prayer they will be Christ-following adults who would leave the “nest” to serve Him. But now that the “nest leaving” is actually here, it’s tough! Exciting, yes, rewarding, certainly. But still tough. Also, as most of you know, 2017 brought in the unexpected, untimely, death of my mother. Having lost his mom four years ago, Dave well understood the range of emotions such a loss brings. He has been a great help as I navigate through this grief. Professionally, Dave and I love our jobs. Dave teaches high school Bible, and I teach high school English and Drama. We have great administrators, co-workers, and students, and we feel blessed to be here.


Emma graduated from high school in May. She takes her last final at San Diego Christian College tomorrow, and then she will take a semester off to pursue a desire God laid on her heart two years ago: Attending a five-month Discipleship Training School with YWAM in Ensenada, Mexico. There, she will learn more about God’s word, and she will be involved in compassion and outreach ministries in Central and South America. She plans to pursue a career as a Christian counselor, and so she will continue her education in the fall. She has been working at Panera for a year and a half and, along with saving up most of the money needed for YWAM, Emma also has quite a ministry among her co-workers.


Ellie is a junior in high school. She loves volleyball, and was a captain on the Varsity volleyball team this year. She also plans to join the softball team in the spring. Along with being quite athletic, Ellie is a talented actress and singer. She was cast as the Stepmother in the spring musical, “Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella”. She works at Panera, as well, and is saving up her money to visit family and friends in Florida this summer. Ellie is fiercely loyal, deeply compassionate, and diligent. Ellie’s love for God is evident to all who know her. She is also, to Dave’s delight, an excellent cook. I try and let her take over that job as often as possible!


Thomas is a freshman in high school. He is also, as of a month or so ago, the tallest in the family. He started 2017 somewhere around 5″6″, and he is now just about 6′ tall. He plays goalie for his club soccer team, and he is starting on the school’s varsity soccer team, playing in the field. Thomas plays the guitar for the youth group’s worship band, having taught himself the instrument (thanks, You Tube!). In his free time, Thomas enjoys playing video games and annoying his sisters. Thomas is funny, gregarious, and kind. He keeps our hearts full and our pantry empty.

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  1. Keilah
    Dec 14, 2017

    Wow, what a year! God bless as you continue ministering to others!

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