Book #2 in THE ELI DIARIES is available!

In case you missed the initial announcement, THE ELI DIARIES is a series of novellas that address the question, “What if Jesus were in high school today?” Bill Myers, best-selling author (and so much more!), created this world, where Jesus (Eli Shepherd) lives in Ventura, CA and attends Ventura High. His classmates include Maggie (Mary Magdalene), Jude (Judas Iscariot), Martha, Tommy (Thomas), and Pete (Peter).

The first book, The Battle Begins, written by Myers, is told from Satan’s perspective – the Enemy wants nothing more than to destroy Eli’s mission before it ever begins.

This second book, written by the amazing Melody Carlson, is from Maggie’s perspective. I got to read this a couple weeks ago and it is SO good. We all know Mary Magdalene after she surrendered her life to Christ. But what led her to that decision? Who was she before, and how did she leave that behind to follow Jesus? Melody Carlson begins to examine these questions in this first installment of Maggie’s story.

The third book in the series will release next month and will feature Jude. Mine, starring Martha, will be out in November. (Then Maggie comes back in December for the next chapter of her story!)

These books are short – easy weekend reads that will keep you thinking long after you put them down. I am excited to be part of the team writing them, and I hope you join our team of readers!

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