Oh, The Places We’ll Go!

Friends, I could use your prayers: My son, Thomas, and I leave tonight for a two-week trip to SE Asia! We are super excited and a little bit nervous. It’s a LONG way away!

Our primary reason for going is to visit my sister and her family. They serve in a closed country in that region. Alexis and I will take a short trip to Singapore, just for fun. Then we’ll all go to Thailand: My sister and niece will attend an educational conference there, and I will teach a few classes to high school students and parents on college prep writing skills.

We are excited to go, and amazed at all the provisions the Father lavished on us along the way. The Conference Director told me she would love to have a new book for each student at the conference. All 250 of them. I can tell you the Enemy worked hard to keep that from happening! But in the end, the Body came through in amazing ways. Every single child has a brand-new book coming to them!

We have been planning this trip for more than six months, and it is hard to believe it is finally time to go.

We have a few specific requests we’d love for you to remember as we head out:

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  • Pray we are a blessing to all we come in contact with – especially my sister and her family
  • Pray we stay healthy and safe throughout the trip
  • Pray all our luggage gets through customs without any problems
  • Pray all our luggage makes it to the final destination!
  • Pray for our family – my husband Dave, and daughters Emma and Ellie – who will be staying behind while Thomas and I travel
  • Pray we know the Savior better as a result of this trip
  • Pray we can be a Light in every place we go

Thanks for praying, friends! I will post pics on my social media accounts, and I’ll write a post about the trip when we return.


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  1. Keilah
    Sep 15, 2017

    have a good trip Krista, i’ll keep you and Thomas in my prayers!

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