What the &%$@ Is Wrong With Cursing?

I get this question from teens all the time. Words are words, right? Why do people make such a big deal about certain ones?

Image result for what's the problem gifAnd, technically, yes, words are just words. A conglomeration of letters. There are plenty of words we can say in other languages that just sound funny to us, but would be offensive to someone who speaks that language. So why be so uptight about “curse” words in our own language? Why are they so taboo?

First, it’s because we as a society assign meaning to words. If we lived 400 years ago, the word “swive” would be highly offensive. Today, it means nothing. We don’t use that word anymore. Therefore, in our 21st century society, it is not offensive. But other words are offensive. Often because they represent acts that are not meant to be used as exclamations or curses that are intended to tear others down.

Second, as Christians, we are commanded to guard our mouths, to speak life, to use our words to build up and encourage. Paul says,“Let your speech always be  with grace, as though seasoned with  salt…” (Col. 4:6). I have never, in my lifetime, heard someone curse graciously.

Third, many curse words include the name of God. That name is holy. It should be used with the utmost respect. (Ex. 20:6-8) We should never treat His holy name with anything but reverence.

Finally, there are millions of words in the English language! We don’t need to resort to curse words to express ourselves. We should, instead, look for those words that best explaImage result for shakespearean cursesin what we are thinking and feeling.

So if you’re upset and feel like cursing, try saying this instead:

  • Your choleric outburst has left me perturbed
  • Cease your nugatory interactions
  • Your boorish behavior is bedeviling
  • I do not anticipate ever being required to utilize this information
  • I am distressed at your incongruous behavior
  • My penurious sibling has refused to compromise

What do you think? Let’s change the world, one big, unoffensive word at a time :)

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