Matters of Life and Death

I woke up last Sunday to the news that my mom (age 62) has cancer. Those of you who have gotten news like that know that it is a major perspective-changer.

I know words this Sunday that I’d never heard of last Sunday – words like ‘peritoneal’ and ‘carcinomatosis’. I know about Stages and cancer centers and the fact that not all chemo is the same and wigs cost a ridiculous amount of money and some doctors are just not nice people.Image result for christian quotes about cancer

I also know that I have an amazing family – on all sides. I have wonderful friends – ones that I see often and ones I hardly see at all. I know that people who have walked this road before reach out and offer help and hope.

I know that, when you get news like this, life-changing news, what is suddenly most important is relationships. The horizontal relationships are vital, without a doubt. People around you hold you up and buy you coffee and hug your neck. But, even more important is the Vertical relationship.

We are immortal beings.  And our eternal life is far more important than our temporal one. One of Mom’s friends recognized that last week. A professed atheist, he came to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ as a result of Mom’s diagnosis!

Because this is still new, we don’t know timelines or percentages. We don’t know where the cancer originated or how far it has spread. We don’t know the exact kind of chemo she’ll need or for exactly how long she’ll need it. We do know, however, that God is in control. He is a God of miracles, a God who loves His children fiercely. He is with Mom and with all of us who love Mom.

This is not a chapter of our story that I would have written, but I know the Author, and I know His purposes are far greater than mine. We will look to Him.

“When anxiety was great within me, your consolation brought me joy.” Ps. 94:19


  1. Tony Miller
    Apr 2, 2017

    Krista, Cecilia and I will be praying for your Mom and will add her to prayer list at church. Miss seeing your family at church and in the preschool, which I had today !

    • krista
      Apr 5, 2017

      Thanks, Mr. Miller! We appreciate it. And we miss you too!

      • Tony
        Apr 5, 2017

        Where are you guys living now ?

        • krista
          Apr 5, 2017

          We are in San Diego

  2. Susan Lewis
    Apr 3, 2017

    Beautifully written. Thanks for sharing. Praying.

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