Finish Well

We are one week and four days from the end of school. But who’s counting? 

I am! And so are all my students. We have put in a full year – lots of work, lots of assignments, lots of late nights, lots of pushing “Snooze” on the alarm. But all that ends in one week and four days.

This is the time of year when everyone – students AND teachers – are tempted to get lazy. But, as I remind my students (and myself): We’re not done yet. We need to do our best to finish well.

Do we need to finish well because getting good grades is important? Nope…some lazy kids can get great grades and some hard-working kids can barely pass. We need to finish well because our character is important.

People of character finish well. Even if they’re exhausted. Even if they hate what they’re doing (i.e. Geometry*). People of character finish well because they desire to honor God in all things, to work for Him, not for an A, or for a boss’ approval.

People of character know that they are constantly developing habits, and they want those habits to be good ones. The habit of finishing well is a very good one. One that will reap benefits far into the future.

So, keep going, keep studying, keep resisting that “Snooze” button, keep pressing on toward the Finish line – wherever yours may be.

“Now finish the work, so that your eager willingness to do it may be matched by your completion of it, according to your means.” 2 Cor. 8:11

*Life lesson: Geometry was one of two courses in HS that made me cry (Chemistry was the other). But I did not finish it well. I didn’t even start it well. As a result, I had to take a whole year of “Dummy Math” in college, where I had to re-learn what I failed to learn in school. A year. So when I challenge you to finish well and stay the course, I speak from experience. Learn from my mistakes. Or you may end up in Dummy Math. Just sayin’.

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