“Demystifying” Missions

I used a circular saw yesterday. And I still have all my fingers! So do the people around me. I’ll pause while you stand and applaud…

My new friend, Cory (an actual, professional Drama teacher), and I (a passionate amateur) were at a Technical Theatre class. The ladies who taught it were experts in all things “backstage” – building sets, creating props, sewing costumes…you name it. They were awesome! And they wanted to share their expertise with other drama teachers and directors, to help us do our jobs better, to have the tools to “build” our programs.

At first, they showed us pictures and gave us handouts. It was very helpful, very educational, very impressive. But then, they said, “All right, timsawe to go out back and try some of this.”

Say whaaaaat???

It’s one thing to hear and read about building sets and using things like a Mitre saw and 3 inch screws. It’s another thing entirely to actually use said equipment. People can get seriously injured. And by people, I mean me!!

But they said this was a hands-on class, and we had to get our hands on these tools.

I went last.

But I went. I held that saw, pressed the start button, and cut wood.

And I didn’t die!

The teachers explained it’s important to have that equipment “demystified”. We need to understand a circular saw really isn’t that scary. It’s just a tool used to accomplish a purpose. In this case – building a backdrop or a set piece. Sure, it’s loud, and it could seriously injure the user. But, with proper use and a healthy respect, it can be used to create some pretty cool stuff.

I kept thinking of that “demystifying” all day: Do something you think is scary, and you’ll find it really isn’t all that scary at all.

I thought of missions. Christians can get really scared about missions. It is overwhelming to think about visiting another country, where there is strange food and strange customs and even potential dangers. It is intimidating to share our faith in our own cities – forget sharing Christ with people who don’t speak English!

It’s far easier to read about missions, give to missions, even pray for missions than it is to participate in missions. But, as those who have gone on mission trips can tell you, actually going on a mission trip, or even living in another country as a missionary, “demystifies” that fear. You return far less scared and far more hungry to go again.

My social media is exploding right now with posts about friends on mission – some to England (my dream!!), others to inner city NYC, one family literally just moved to Bolivia to serve at a Christian school there. The pictures and testimonies are so exciting. God does amazing works when we step out of our comfort zones! One of the greatest works is to take away the fear of the unknown and replace it with a compassion – and passion – for others, a desire to be a more active part of the Great Commission.

Maybe you are considering missions. Maybe you’re scared, hesitant. Let me encourage you to “just do it!” Get out there. Go! You won’t regret it.

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