He WILL Delay

There’s a popular worship song that many of you probably know by heart: “Always”.

I like it. I close my eyes and pray the words: “I will not fear/His promise is true/my God will come through/Always”.


There are four words in that song that open my eyes and close my mouth. Four words that don’t fit with who God has revealed Himself to be. Those four words?

“He will not delay.”

Um, hang on a second. What about Joseph being wrongly imprisoned by Potiphar, praying and waiting for YEARS to be freed? How about David being anointed as king but waiting years – while being chased by a homicidal Saul – to actually ascend the throne? How about the Jewish people being told a Messiah would deliver them, but waiting CENTURIES for His arrival? What about Paul – longing to see fellow brothers in Christ, but prevented because he was imprisoned OVER and OVER again??

I could go on!

God DOES delay. He delays to strengthen our character, to teach us endurance. He delays to draw us closer to Him, seeking His strength in our weakness. He delays because HE IS GOD, and He knows best.

I have experienced delays throughout my Christian life. I am in a period of delay right now. While I don’t love it, I am grateful for it. God is working in me in ways I would never have experienced if I had just gotten what I wanted right away. God’s word is sweeter, more necessary as I wait. I feel His grace and strength and peace as I wait. My husband and I are growing closer as we wait together, our kids are seeing the “walk by faith” command fleshed out as we wait.

My God DOES delay. He WILL delay. But, as the song rightly teaches, “My God will come through/ALWAYS.”

We don’t need to fear delay. But we do need to expect it. If you haven’t experienced a delay from God, yet, you will! He is not punishing you or ignoring you. He is loving you and shaping you into who He wants you to be. Cling to Him. Trust Him. He is good, and He is GOD. So praise Him in the delay and know that God is FOR you!

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