I Do Not Think It Means What You Think It Means

I love the movie “The Princess Bride.” There are few movies that I can handle watching repeatedly – but that is one of them (along with anything starring Judy Garland, Gene Kelly, or Carey Grant).

If you’ve seen it (and if you haven’t, you must!), you’ll remember the part when Inigo says,

I’ve been thinking of that lately in relation to God. I hear and read about people who have rejected Him because He isn’t behaving in the way they think He should: God allowed something bad to happen to a loved one or to themselves, so they are “done” with Him.  Why would they serve a god like that? So they reject him, stop believing in him, write books and create documentaries about why rational people must do the same.

But, like Inigo, I listen and I read and I can’t help saying…”I don’t think that word means what you think it means.” The God of the Bible is not man-made. When we create Him in our own image, we diminish His holiness. We place ourselves above Him. We are, in effect, God, and our way is right.

But the fact is, we don’t get to “define” God. We get to know Him, to worship Him, to serve Him, to hear from Him, to be loved by Him, to live in eternity with Him…but not to define Him. HE is God. We are not.

If you think you might be misunderstanding this Word, read about Him – check out what He says about Himself in the Bible. Don’t make up your own definition of who God is, don’t reject an idea you created. God is far greater, far better, far more holy than most people ever realize.

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