How to Drive a High School Teacher Crazy

1. Ask, “Are we doing anything today?” every day.

2. When you miss a day, ask “Did we do anything yesterday?”

3. Every time your teacher introduces a new concept, ask “When will I need this in real life?”

4. Ignore the note on the Homework board, the information on the online lesson plan, and the repeated verbal reminders and react in shock and horror when you’re told to clear your desk for a test.

5. Assume all your teachers get together and plan how to make your particular life miserable.

6. Grab your backpack and stand by the door, like a prisoner waiting for his release, at least five minutes before the bell rings.

7. Ignore the directions for an assignment and then get angry when points are deducted for failing to follow said directions.

8. Go ahead and have a loud conversation in the middle of class, while your teacher is trying to teach a lesson that you might need in real life and will definitely need on the test.

9. Vehemently deny having had a loud conversation during class when you receive a disciplinary note for that infraction.

10. Never consider that your teacher really does have your best interests in mind and might – possibly – know a little something you don’t know.

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