Hooray for Political Correctness!

When we lived in Spain (2006-2007), we were surprised to see that political correctness was not an issue during the holidays. Our kids’ public school had a huge nativity scene prominently displayed in the lobby. Thomas was cast as a wise man in his Pre-K3 Christmas presentation. In fact, in Spanish culture, Three Kings’ Day is even more important than Christmas Day.

At first, it sounded great! The real Christmas story was shared, sung, and held in a place of honor. But, as I continued to look, I realized it wasn’t all that great. When it was time to ask for Christmas presents, Santa came to school — with the Three Kings. The kids could ask their “gift giver” of choice for that special Christmas gift.

As I looked and listened some more, it hit me: the story of Jesus coming to earth was seen as fiction – just like the story of Santa. There was no need for political correctness because the story wasn’t so much religious as cultural – a cute part of the holiday season. Baby Jesus and roscon and peeled grapes — all fun Spanish holiday traditions.

It made me sad — the reality that Jesus came to earth is amazing. It is an undeserved gift, given to us by a God who loves us so passionately He was willing to send his son to a world that rejected him then and rejects him still. The baby in the manger is the Savior of the World! And while I have no problem with the fiction of Santa, I do not want my Savior placed in the same category.

So, Christians, let’s not be so quick to be frustrated that Americans are upset at nativity scenes and signs that proclaim “Merry Christmas”. It is a good thing. The true Christmas story is still recognized as the TRUE Christmas story here. It is tied to our faith. People who do not share our faith are upset because this season proclaims biblical truths. Those truths, Jesus himself told us, would offend. When they stop offending – when they start to become “cute little holiday tales” – then we should get upset. So bring on the PC police! And continue to bring out the GREATEST story ever told!

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