Matters of the Heart

I‘m not old. But I can see old. I am perilously close to the top of the hill.

I know I’m getting older because people look at my wedding pics and say, “Look how cute you were!” (emphasis on the were). And because people think I’m lying when I say that I just got my first gray hair this year (It’s true! And it’s still just the one). And  because my firstborn is just a few months from turning 16 (excuse me while I hyperventilate).

There are benefits to getting older: I have 39 years of life lessons behind me. My wrinkles reflect wisdom. My gray hair (did I mention I just have the one?), survival. I no longer ask Dave if my butt looks big in those jeans. Of course it does! I’ve had three kids and I hardly ever exercise.

I no longer try and compare myself to supermodels. Instead, I think about writing their mothers and telling them to put on some clothes.

Getting older is part of life. Sadly, our tendency in facing that reality is to focus on the outside. We want to surgically remove all vestiges of age – suck it out, perk it up, lift it away. But too often this results in a complete lack of focus on the inside. And while there is nothing wrong with wanting to look nice, there is something really wrong with making that all you think about.

Here’s a verse many of you have heard before, but all of us need to be reminded of: “People look at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.” I Sam. 16:7b

If, as Christians, our goal in this – and the next – life is to glorify God, then constantly worrying about what we look like, how we’re aging, counting our gray hairs and Googling ways to minimize crow’s feet is not beneficial. Being grateful for the years God has given us, the lessons He has taught us in those years, looking for ways to serve others and share Christ’s love –that is where our focus should be.

So even if you’re not old, or almost old, you should still be focusing your energy on developing your inner beauty. It sounds cliche – but only because it is true. Inner beauty is more important! It is more lasting. So forget your butt. Start asking “how does my heart look?”


  1. Elizabeth
    Sep 26, 2014

    1. I personally have yet to find my first gray hair! It is one of my proudest accomplishments (or lack thereof…)
    2. Can you believe we are about to be 30-10??? Also, I have to say that I will only call it 30-10 for a year and then I will resign myself to using the real number 🙁
    3. Agreed. Even though I haven’t had kids, I have life experience. I have no desire to be 25 again or look like it!
    4. So glad that Jesus looks at my heart 🙂

    • krista
      Sep 27, 2014

      1. Power to the gray-less!!
      2. I am TOTALLY stealing that. 30-10 it is!
      3. I was humungo preggo at 25, so I def don’t want to be there again!! 😀
      4. Amen, sister!
      Love you! Thanks for commenting!!

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