Kicking and Screaming

Those of you who have read this blog lately know that we just moved. Those who read this blog regularly know that this wasn’t our first move. But it has caused me to remember our first move.

IronBaby Emmaically – Sovereignly – that move took place fifteen years ago this month. At the time, my oldest daughter was six months old, and I did NOT want to move! I was so angry – at God, at my husband, at the state of Texas…why should we have to leave a place we loved, where we had family and friends who loved us, to go someplace we knew NO ONE??

This was before Skype and Facetime, when the only way to share Emma’s first steps and first words were by sending a VHS video taken on our huge camera. The only way for them to see how she was changing was to take pictures on actual film, have it developed, and mailed it to them. That move to Texas for Dave to attend seminary, planned when we were first married, did not make sense now that we had a baby! I was sure we needed to change plans. Dave could just do something else. Surely, God didn’t expect us to leave Florida- with a baby –  just so Dave could study His word??

But Dave was convinced this is what God wanted, and no amount of whining and complaining from me (and believe me, there was A LOT!) could change his mind. So I went. Kicking and screaming.

You regulars know the end of that story…I LOVED living in Texas. God gave us amazing friends and a fabulous church. He took us out of Florida, not to punish or crush us, but to strengthen and bless us.

So, as I adjust to this move, I remember that one. With every move, the part of me that kicks and screams has gotten better. I’m just whimpering now. A major improvement over fifteen years ago! But I know that, eventually, I will rejoice. Because, though circumstances are sometimes difficult, my God is always good.

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  1. Johanna
    Jul 25, 2014

    Thank you. Amazing timing. . .

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