WARNING: Low Battery

Have you ever been out for the day – without your charger – and seen this….?

Then you start getting the countdown…18%….12%….5%…Goodbye

It can be stressful, right? You NEED that phone. You kick yourself for forgetting the charger, you beg friends – maybe even strangers – for just a few minutes’ use of theirs. Anything to keep it alive. And if it does die, you feel lost. How will you know what’s trending? What if a perfect Instagram moment drops into your lap and you can’t record it?? The horror!

I’ve been studying the book of John, and last week I read chapter 15, where Jesus talks about abiding in the vine.  Even a non-gardener like myself knows that grapes can’t grow unless they’re attached to the life-giving vine. And that’s the point Jesus was making: if you are to grow, you MUST stay attached to me. Not near me, beside me, or occasionally visit — attached.

As I read that, I thought of my iPhone. It helps me in so many ways – giving me directions, keeping me connected to loved ones, providing answers and coupons and music. But it could do none of those things if I don’t keep my battery charged. It would be useless without the battery.

Jesus is kind of like my iPhone’s battery. Apart from Him, I can do nothing. With him, I can do all things. There is no knowledge apart from Him, no growth apart from Him. I am useless when I am not “plugged in.”

Yet many people remain “unattached” to Jesus. They get an occasional “charge” at church or a youth event. But they aren’t really plugged in. This is easily remedied, though! Just plug back in. Get into God’s word, spend time with him in prayer, get together with other believers. Stay connected to Jesus EVERYDAY.

If you are getting the “Warning” Low Battery” signal in your spiritual life (easily angered; apathetic; frustrated; distant) – stop whatever you’re doing and plug into the Source! Recharge that battery. Every day. Don’t do less for your walk with Jesus than you do for your phone! Stay connected.

“Remain in me, as I also remain in you. No branch can bear fruit by itself; it must remain in the vine. Neither can you bear fruit unless you remain in me.” ~John 15:4


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