Together Forever?

Marriage has taken some pretty serious hits in the last few decades. With divorce rates rising and discontent rampant, I know many young people wonder if marriage is even worth the bother. Is it just an antiquated system that needs to be eliminated? Are we really designed to be “together forever?” Or should we date, live together as long as it is convenient, and move on? Wouldn’t that be easier on everyone?

The truth is one that we all see, even if we don’t all admit it: we crave “forever.” Look at romance movies and romance novels. What do we love about them? These stories are all about the “forever” love that overcomes obstacles, that brings two people together – through sometimes difficult, sometimes comical situations – and always ends with the “happily ever after.” Forever.

But here’s what many of those stories miss: love isn’t just a feeling. It isn’t something we “fall” into or “fall” out of. Love is patient, love is kind…the love God demonstrates and that Paul describes in I Corinthians 13 is the love that we should strive for. It is the love we crave because God has placed a desire for that love in us. And we will never be fully satisfied with anything less than the love God has for us. Single or married, the greatest love we will ever know is the love of God, demonstrated in Christ Jesus. Once we know that love, we are free to love the way we were created to love.

So my advice to those of you wondering about “forever”? You already have it. It has been given to you by our amazing God. And as for marriage? Make sure the guy/girl you choose knows that love and is committed to Him first and you second, committed to a “forever” love that will wade through the hard times and not give up.

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  1. This is a great reminder that love is a choice. I’m thankful that my husband chooses to love me daily … and even more thankful that God chooses to love me daily. And both of them continue to do so despite my unloveliness at times.

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