Why So Cranky?

Many of you who have read Luminary (don’t worry, if you haven’t read it, no spoilers here) have commented that Thalli is really cranky at the beginning. In fact, it gets a little annoying.

I know.

I did that on purpose.


It actually was because of a book I read a few years ago: 90 Minutes in Heaven. A guy wrote about his experience dying, going to heaven, and coming back. When he came back, his body was broken from a horrible car accident, and he was angry. He had been in heaven! No pain, no sadness, no hospitals. It was SO much better than earth. He wanted to stay.

When Anomaly ended (*spoiler alert if you haven’t read Anomaly*), Thalli was ready to go to heaven. She had made peace with her imminent death, and she knew that what awaited her in heaven was better than anything the earth had to offer.

But she didn’t die.

And not only did she not die, but the people she loves more than anyone else risked their lives to save hers. And, in running from the State, they continue to risk their lives. So she is disappointed and scared and feels terribly guilty (she was OK dying herself, but to be responsible for her friends’ dying?? Not OK). So, yeah, Thalli is a bit cranky at the beginning of Luminary. Thalli is an emotional person – she feels love and joy, but she also feels anger and frustration. You’ll see those emotions – and others – in Luminary.

But you will see cranky at the beginning. Because, even though I know it is annoying, it was the most honest emotion I could write for her, given what she had just experienced.

But just like the writer of that book I read, Thalli will learn that God knows best, and He has a purpose in keeping her on earth. So keep reading. She gets happier, I promise. She’s just dealing with a lot right at the beginning. 🙂

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