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Wow, you guys are SO creative! I loved reading your stories of how I got my stitches. ALL were much better than the real story! I had a hard time choosing just one tale. It took a couple read-throughs. But my choice for best “stitches story” is Kristin’s, in which I am a dragon’s apprentice, keeping the world safe. I love it! Thanks, Kristin.

How I Got My Stitches

by Kristin

The room began to spin and the bitter taste of blood began to fill my mouth. It seemed as if an eternity had passed since I had been called to war, and yet, I still wasn’t used to the gruesome visage of death.

I gripped the hilt of my sword and prayed that I wouldn’t lose my composure. Keeping calm was the difference between life and death for me, as well as my young ward that I was assigned to protect.

At just 12 years old, young Natalia was a prodigy at her craft and a great asset to the efforts to keep our lands safe. She was already an accomplished healer; the likes that the world hadn’t seen since the dragons still walked along side humans and provided mythical aid and wisdom to those they had bonded with.

In fact, it was the sudden signs that the dragons were planning a return to this realm that had plunged us into this mindless war. This war was being fought for fear of the unknown and pitted those that supported the return of the great dragons against those that were quite content to continue living their lives without them.

In all honesty, I wasn’t always sure which side I was on. It wasn’t until my beloved mother lay sick with fever and I was told of a healer that may be able to help, that I finally made up my mind. As talented as Natalia is, she hadn’t been able to save my mother; tried, but even the most talented of healers cannot give life nor keep it from slipping away. Only the greatest of all dragons holds life and death in its hands.

That is why I chose to fight for their freedom to return, and to protect the chosen few who showed promise as a dragon’s apprentice. Those few that proved to be exceptionally strong were at great risk from the enemy who wished to annihilate anyone who might entice or encourage the return of the dragons.

So now I stand surrounded in a small corridor by all those who wish to slay my young friend. I inhale deeply, ignoring the blood trickling down from the cut on my brow. There is no time for the stitches I will surely need; Natalia can practice her healing after I secure the area.

I can see Natalia close her eyes to shut out the carnage that surrounds her. The healer in her begs to rush to those in need; to ease their pain and to take away their hurt. My only wish is to protect her and take away the hurt and pain I can see in her eyes. I wish that I could protect her innocence and shelter her from the violence of the world.

After the stench of battle has cleared I finally allow her to tend my wounds so that I will live to protect her another day.

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  1. Caitlyn
    Jan 11, 2014

    Great job, Kirsten! I read your story too; so good!

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