Writers are Readers

I have only been a professional writer for few years. But I have been reading since I was four. And what I have learned is that most writers are readers. Big-time readers.

I read A LOT. Sometimes as much as a book a day, but almost always at least a book a week.

I read a wide variety of works: mysteries, historical fiction, chick-lit, young adult, science fiction, classics. I also read non-fiction, mostly Christian works about being a mom, a wife, about theology and doctrine and Christian living. I love biographies, too. And histories. Really, just about everything.

Sometimes, I have to check myself because I read other books and think, “This is SO much better than my stuff!” But that, as I heard a singer say once, is just “an opportunity to grow in humility.” So I ask God to help me appreciate other writers’ talents rather than being jealous of it.

I also read books about writing so that I can grow in this craft, become more like those writers I respect so much.

I read a writer’s blog once and she said she read everything — even cereal boxes and bumper stickers. I TOTALLY related. And the more writers I get to know, the more I see that is a common thread.

Does that mean every reader is a writer? Not necessarily. I know plenty of readers who have no desire to write. But if you’re reading this and do want to write, then keep doing what you’re doing…read, read, read!

I’m always looking for new books to read, so feel free to share your favs with me!

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