Passing the Test

I am sitting in my classroom right now, while my students take their semester exams. Because my students are awesome, they aren’t sweating bullets or crying or rolling on the floor in pain. They are calmly responding to the questions. Why? Because they came prepared. They knew what was coming, they have been paying attention in class, they have completed their assignments, and they have asked questions when they didn’t understand. Does that make the test go away? Nope. Sorry! But it does make the test manageable. Because of their hard work for the last 18 weeks, they know they can succeed.

The  Christian life is like that. There WILL be tests – also known as trials (James 1:2-4) . Those trials come in many forms – losses, hurts, mistreatment, disappointment. Jesus faced trials – as did all of his disciples and millions of other believers throughout history. Sometimes those tests are made to strengthen our character, to teach us and mold us more into Christ’s image. Sometimes trials comes as a result of other people’s sin: a parent’s divorce or a friend’s betrayal. But whatever the reason, they are difficult. And, sometimes, if we aren’t prepared, we can fail those tests: We turn away from God when He is trying to draw us closer to Him. We get angry when God is asking us to respond with grace. We withhold forgiveness when God is offering us the opportunity to love the way He loves.

The best way to be prepared to “pass” these tests is to listen to the Teacher every day. Take notes. Talk with other students. Fill your heart and your mind with the words of God so you can cling to those when the storms of life come. Tests aren’t easy, but you can come into them prepared to succeed.

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  1. Laura Pol
    Dec 18, 2013

    Great, great, GREAT post! Really love this and is a great analogy that I can click with being a college student!

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