A Body in Motion

Every year, our church has a Christmas Presentation. They are always incredibly impressive and they always display the Christmas story and a gospel message that is both breathtaking and grand. I got to be part of the behind-the-scenes crew for this year’s production, and I am even more in awe of all the work that goes into making this come to life.

Work begins in January as the set is designed and the script ideas start flowing in. As the year progresses, the technical crew comes on board to discuss lighting and sound, special effects and other details that are way over my head. Then, as the script and set are finalized, the costumes and props are made, and the rights to the music are secured. Dozens of people are required to bring this Presentation to life – and that’s before the massive orchestra and adult and youth choirs begin to learn the music they’ll perform and before the players are cast and the extras are assigned. That bumps the number well into the hundreds. And every one of those people are important, necessary.

As I was sitting last night, watching all of this come together, I was reminded of the Body of Christ. I Corinthians 12 tells us we are many parts but one body. And every part is important, necessary. God has given all believers gifts to be used to build up the body, to help others. Just like the Christmas Production would fall apart if there were no sound or costumes, lights or orchestra, the body of Christ would fall apart without teachers and helpers, without merciful people comforting the hurting and generous people giving to others. Everyone is important – YOU are important. And God has given you a job to do. Don’t miss out on that job and the joy that comes from using the gifts God has given you.

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