Yes, Jesus Loves Me

Like most moms, I think my kids are the cutest, most talented, greatest children to ever walk the face of the earth. And they really are. I mean, just look at them…!

First Day 2013I love being around my kids, I love looking at them, I love watching them do what they love. I just love these guys. They are a blessing from God, a gift from him.

And when I think about how much I love my kids, I can’t help but think that, even as much I love them, that love can’t even compare to how much their Heavenly Father loves them. And that thought reminds me that God loves ME like that, too.


Sometimes I think that is the hardest theological concept to grasp, that this holy, eternal, incredible God loves me. I don’t have a problem believing I am a sinner. I am faced with that reality daily. But really accepting – embracing  – the truth that God loves me….that is tough. And the Bible doesn’t just say he loves us, like a distant love of an aunt we might see once a year, or the condescending love of an authority figure, but a Father love, a “Daddy” love. God loves being around us, loves looking at us, loves watching us do what we love.

It is this love that caused him to send his beloved son to earth to live among us and die for us. It is this love that makes us want to live our lives in obedience to him. We love God because he first loved us.

I have sung “Jesus Loves Me” my whole life, yet the truth of that song is still remarkable. I am still learning to accept the truth of it, still struggling to remember I don’t have to earn this love. I just need to respond to it. I need to live each day allowing the love of God to surround me, protect me, guide me, teach me.

“Yes, Jesus loves me

Yes, Jesus loves me

Yes, Jesus loves me

The Bible tells me so.”


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