In Favor of Arranged Marriage

As a mother of three – two tweens and a teen – I think the practice of arranged marriages should be reinstated.

Forget the fact that my husband and I wouldn’t be married if that practice had been in place when we were dating, nor would any of our friends. Or our siblings. But whatever. I am a parent now, not a young person looking for my soul mate.

So back to the topic. I will explain my reasons using bullet points. Because no one can argue with bullet points.

Here we go.

Why the practice of arranged marriages should be reinstated:

  • I want to pick who my co-grandma is going to be. I mean, seriously, I have some friends who would be terrific grandma’s! We could go shopping for baby clothes together, we could take the little tykes to the zoo together. And if we are friends, we won’t argue over who gets the kids on Thanksgiving. We’d just all eat together. One big happy family!
  • With age comes wisdom. Dave and I know our kids. We know the types of people they are and, subsequently, the type of person they each need to marry. Besides, parents today don’t even let their kids ride their bikes outside the neighborhood. Why in the world, then, should we give them permission to make this incredibly important decision all by themselves??
  • We wouldn’t have to take away all choice. Parents could give options. Like a list. Or a multiple choice quiz. We wouldn’t have to pick just one potential spouse. Personally, I have three or four options in mind for each of my kids. I’m okay with any of those three or four options. See how generous I am? Freedom – with boundaries.
  • Marriage takes work. Ask anyone who has been married for any length of time. Good marriages aren’t a result of finding the “perfect” person. It is a result of working together through good and bad, being committed to each other no matter what.  What better way to begin that practice than by being forced together, possibly against your will?

The End.


  1. Bethany
    Sep 23, 2013

    I’m not “picking” a husband without my parent’s approval first. In fact, before the guy can even talk to me, he has to have the approval of my parent’s. So it’s kind of like this. And my mom has a list too. 😉

    • krista
      Sep 23, 2013

      Excellent! I like your mom 😉

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