The “Busy” Myth

I don’t have time to read my Bible everyday.  I’m so busy, I have to pray on the run, while I’m doing my make-up or driving to school. Life is just SO busy…

I’d like to say these are things other people say. But those excuses have all come out of my mouth at one time. Or a hundred. And they sound good. And I can back them up with stories, proof, statistics…I do have a husband, three kids, a full-time job, church ministry. And I write books. I AM busy!

But here’s the thing. I’m not so busy I can’t watch two seasons of Downton Abbey in less than a month. I’m not too busy to check Facebook twice a day,    three times a day,  a lot. I’m not too busy to read that new novel I just downloaded on my Kindle. I’m not too busy to check Amazon to see if today is the day one of my books cracks the Top 100 (it isn’t).

I make time for what is important. I use the “busy” excuse for what’s not: cleaning my baseboards, my frig, my garage; editing my husband’s dissertation.

It’s easy to use the “Busy” Myth to excuse ourselves from spending time with God. People around us sympathize with the excuse, and they totally buy it – because they’re using it, too!

But here’s the thing I have learned the hard way – I have been created to spend time with my Creator. I need to abide in Him, to learn from Him, to rest in Him. When I don’t, I am a miserable, cranky, ugly person who watches way too much TV and sits in front of my computer far more than I should.

So girls (and any guys who might happen upon this), I am calling you out – don’t you dare say you’re too busy to spend time with God. You’re not! Your priorities are just out of whack. So turn off the television, put down the book, click off the social media sites, and open your Bible. You’ll be amazed at what you see.

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” `Matthew 11:28


  1. Janice C. Johnson
    Aug 19, 2013

    This stepped on my toes, and I mean that in a good way! Thanks… I found your post through a “share” on Facebook.

  2. Erica
    Aug 20, 2013

    I tweeted this because it is so true.

    I am a writer also and my bible will sit in its case on my bed for hours and I promise myself I will get to it. But Pinterest, Twitter, and G+ takes up my time and by nightfall…I am trying to write.

    The whole day my Sword remains untouched.

    Thankfully, I have wonderful roommates with whom to discuss the Word with and their own wisdom from the bible encourages me to dig deep into it.

    Lately, I have made it a goal to at least read it in the mornings during the time I would be writing/social media/anything else.

    It’s something to work on for sure, but it isn’t quite as hard as we make it.

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