What is Truth?

I deal with the issue of Truth in my new book. Why? Because it’s an issue we deal with all the time. It’s an issue Christians can shy away from, afraid we’ll offend with our position – if it’s our position – that there is truth. Absolute truth. Truth with a capital “T.”

With so much information out there, so many people claiming to know what’s true, what’s right, who’s wrong, how can we possibly know what’s true? And isn’t it just arrogant to say we Christians have the corner on the market of Truth? Narrow-minded?

The bottom line, for me, is this question: what is your source of Truth? No matter what you believe, whether you are a Christian, an atheist or anything in between, we all have something on which we base our understanding of truth. If you believe there is a God – why do you believe that? If you believe there is no God – why do you believe that? If you believe we can’t know for sure whether or not there is a God, if you believe all paths lead to God, whatever you believe – why do you believe it?

If you’ve read this blog or my books, you know that I believe in the Word of God, that it is holy and inspired by God and that it, alone, is the source of Truth. I believe God gave us his Word so we could know Him – his holiness, his grace, his mercy. I believe all Truth is found in that book and that we should devote ourselves to studying it, rightly dividing it, and living it out. I don’t believe it is simplistic nor do I believe it is impossible to understand.

After 20+ years of walking with the Lord and spending time in his His word, I have seen that it is what is claims: it is “living and active” (Hebrews 4:12). I have been changed by this word, I have been comforted by it, I have been guided and taught and corrected by it. Through it, I have seen God, walked with Jesus. I do not believe we can have a vibrant Christian life without time in this Word, without daily doses of Truth. There is no substitute, no reason without it.

Opinions of the created, without roots in the Creator, are useless. No matter how beautiful, no matter how comforting, no matter how un-offensive.

“All Scripture is inspired by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, for training in righteousness; so that the man of God may be adequate,equipped for every good work.” ~II Tim. 3:16-17




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