Music in my Soul

I love music. I’m listening to some music right now, as a matter of fact.  I listen to music when I am happy, when I’m blue, when I need encouragement, whenever. Over the years, I have worn out records, cassette tapes, CD’s, and iPod batteries listening to my favorite music.

Sometimes I need to sing really, really loudly in the car. Yes, need. And, yes, you’ve probably driven past me – arms all over the place, veins in my neck popping out in a way that would make voice teachers cringe.

Sometimes music is so beautiful, I want to stop everything I am doing and just listen to it, letting it sink into my bones and travel through my bloodstream.

Music is powerful. When I was thinking of how God would reveal Himself in Anomaly, I immediately thought of music.

Music is a means to worship God, to praise Him, to declare his glory. It is also, I believe, a means to hear God. I hear him in beautifully written words put to music, and I hear him in music itself.

The beauty of a tune played by a skilled musician is breathtaking. And the grandeur of a full orchestra, playing together – wow! I hear God in that, in the harmony and unity, in the grace and majesty, just like I see him in the awesomeness of his creation.

Music is a gift from God, and he speaks to our souls through it.

“It is good to praise the Lord and make music to your name” ~Psalm 92:1


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