It’s Not Fair!

I might be approaching middle age, but I am not beyond the desire that things work out my way. That life goes according to my plans. That people agree with me and like me. That life should be fair.

But here is a truth that I too often forget:

God is God, and I am not.

Who am I to question Him? To think that I, in my finite mind and limited perspective, know better then Him how things should go?

But I do. I do question him. I may not say “You’re unfair,” but my actions say it. They say it when, instead of being grateful for the AMAZING gifts he has given me, I complain about the things I don’t have. They say it when I throw my powder down in disgust because it can’t cover the blemishes that I – long past my teen years – still have. They show it when I whine about not getting those cute new pumps I saw at DSW while sitting in front of my cable TV and surfing my high-speed internet.

I am so thankful for God’s word that pierces through the lies my heart tries to feed my mind. God’s word tells me that He has great plans for me; that the trials that come strengthen me; that the longing I have for more is a longing for Him, not for “stuff.” God’s word tells me that I have everything I need.

When I remember that – and live that – I go from cranky, “why can’t I get what I want?” to joyful.  Because joy doesn’t come from getting everything you want. It comes from knowing you have everything you need.

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