Last night was graduation. It is always a bittersweet time for me. I am happy – the students work hard for years to earn their diplomas. But I am also sad – I hate losing students I have come to love.

This year’s class is especially close to my heart. I have taught some of them since 8th grade (my one and only year teaching 8th grade English). They are also an “artsy” bunch – I love the artsy kids! But, more than anything, they are a Jesus-loving group.

I have a weekly Bible study with the senior girls. We started out this year with me asking what they hoped to accomplish their senior year. All of the girls said they wanted to a leave a legacy to their fellow students – a legacy of faith and action and love. As the year went on, they worked to accomplish the goals they set for themselves.

I watched as they grew in relationship with God and each other, as they sought His will in choosing colleges and boyfriends. I saw them reach out to fellow students, encourage them, challenge them, care for them.

The boys in this class are my son’s heroes. They would grab Thomas in the hall, throw him around, let him tackle them. They’d ask him about his sports and his classes. They didn’t need to be nice to a little 4th grader. But they did, anyway, and I know Thomas will never forget them.

So I am sad today, sad that I won’t be seeing these boys in the halls, won’t be meeting with the girls on Monday. But I am also incredibly proud – proud of the example they set, proud that they accomplished the goal they set for themselves.

What about you? Are you leaving a legacy? If not, start now!


  1. Savannah
    May 27, 2013

    Your blog is really inspiring! Its helped me get through a lot. When I needed a laugh, I read your article on perfect attendance. It was hilariously true. I totally agree! But I just love this blog & its also helped me to become a little closer to Christ. I’ve been drifting away lately & this is just what I needed to get back on track. Thank you so much.

    • krista
      May 27, 2013

      That is the BEST complement you could give me! Thanks!

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