Spotlight on Missions, Part 1

Today at church, we started our Global Impact Conference. I am so excited about it, I want to continue that theme here in my blog.  I am a big fan of missions – all kinds of missions in all kinds of places. I believe we are called to meet the spiritual and physical needs of people all over this planet, and I am so grateful for the individuals, churches, and ministries who live out the Great Commission everyday.

Today, I want to introduce you to an amazing ministry for missionaries: Mission Training International (MTI) in Palmer Lake, Colorado.

Being a missionary is tough. Many missionaries have to learn a new language, most have to learn a new culture.  There are adjustments for couples, for kids, for extended family. It isn’t an easy occupation. MTI exists to help missionaries prepare for service overseas and to “debrief” them upon return.

The folks at MTI help missionaries do what God has called them to do. They prepare them, encourage them, and equip them. They are an amazing group of people doing amazing work, and hardly anyone knows anything about them. But that’s all right with them, because they aren’t seeking fame. They are simply doing what God has called them to do.

Missionaries need care before, during, and after their terms. If you know a missionary, pray for them daily. They need it! Drop them a note, give them a call, send them a care package – let them know you love them. Take a page from MTI’s playbook: Care for those who are caring for others. Minister to people in ministry.

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