My Writer’s Routine

We all have routines. Athletes have them. Actors have them. Businessmen and women have them. Most of us are creatures of habit, and those habits help us do what we do to the best of our ability. In fact, my friend, Charity, a volleyball coach, says that when players don’t follow through on their routine, they often miss their serve. (My daughter Emma, below, has to slap the ball exactly three times before serving it). So routines are good. They are normal. I am telling you this because I am about to tell you my writer’s routine. It is a little…weird. Okay, I am a little weird. Maybe more than a little. But I wanted to preface this with an explanation: Routines are good. Everybody has them. I am not a freak.

Now that we have established the ground rules for reading this post (and, yes, this is a repost, but I am working today and chose not to procrastinate by writing a new post…baby steps :)), I give you My Writer’s Routine:

  • Make a full pot of coffee
  • Read my Bible
  • Stay in my pj’s (comfy=creative)
  • Make cup of coffee #1
  • Open the blinds so I can see outside
  • Check my e-mail
  • Check my Facebook
  • Make cup of coffee #2
  • Check e-mail and Facebook again, just in case something came up in the last 10 minutes that I might need to know
  • Check the library website to see if the books I requested are on hold yet
  • Open the folder that contains the book I am working on
  • Make cup of coffee #3
  • Remind myself that three cups of coffee in one hour makes me sick and I shouldn’t do it again
  • Pour a big glass of water to dilute all the caffeine in my system
  • Take a bathroom break
  • Eat breakfast
  • One more check of my Facebook and e-mail
  • A mental flogging that I have now wasted an hour and half of precious writing time drinking coffee and checking Facebook
  • Maximize my Word document and begin where I left off
  • (Unless it’s been a while, then I need to read the whole thing again to remind myself where I was)
  • Write nonstop for about three hours – not speaking to anybody, but occasionally checking Facebook
  • Stand up and stretch, grab a Coke Zero and a snack
  • Write nonstop for another three hours
  • Decide that, since it is now after 3pm, I should get out of my pj’s
  • Change into real clothes and thus lose all creative power

And that’s pretty much how it goes. Don’t judge. It gets my figurative ball over the figurative net. Figuratively speaking. (I did not follow my routine before typing this…and the ball hits the net and crashes).

Please tell me I am not alone in this…any other odd routines out there??

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