Did You Hear About…?

We act like it’s harmless, “sharing information,” or worse — “prayer requests.” And we all do it. We need to “vent”. We’re keeping it “between us.” Or, the best…

Gossip divides friends, ostracizes people, causes deep hurts. We all have experienced this. People spread stories about us — stories that embarrass us, humiliate us, stories that are either untrue or have a bit of truth that is greatly exaggerated. Some of us gladly participate in gossip, others of us just listen. In either case, we are guilty of hurting people, of tearing them down.

Are there annoying people around us? People who have made mistakes? Imperfect people? Yes! And, guess what, YOU and I are among them. Wouldn’t we rather people love us in spite of our faults rather than discuss them behind our backs?

So let’s be the kind of friend we want to have. When we hear gossip happening, let’s stand up and stop it. Let’s use our words to encourage people, let’s tell others how great our friends are.  Let’s make gossip the verbal equivalent of Brussels sprouts  (my apologies to those of you who may like Brussels sprouts, but…really?!)

Let’s talk “good” behind people’s backs!

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