Burnt Easy Mac

There are certain skills I want to pass on to my kids. Passions that I hope they will “catch”. I want them to love Jesus. To enjoy reading. To appreciate a good Judy Garland musical.

I am beginning to lose hope on those last two :(

But there are certain skills that I hope I don’t pass on: My athletic ability. My artistic skills. My cooking.

Ellie, my twelve-year-old, is a great cook. My other two….

Have both burnt Easy Mac.

It’s what happens when you cook your Easy Mac the recommended three and a half minutes and forget to put water in.

It stinks.

Really, really badly.

Like my cooking.

Moral of the story: Some things really are your mother’s fault.

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  1. Diana
    Jan 29, 2013

    I did that once. But once the microwave started smoking, we realized something was wrong. Good times, good times…

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