Who Needs Grammar?

I know, I know: “Grammar is boring.” “It’s stupid.” “It makes no sense.” “I’ll never use this in real life.”

Yes; sometimes; very true; and oh, yes you will!

Like it or not, you need good grammar.


Because how you communicate communicates. And no matter what occupation you choose, you will have to communicate. You have to speak. Some more than others, sure, but everyone must speak at least a little in his/her career. And, believe it or not, everyone has to write, too. Letters, e-mails, memos, requests…Ask anyone. You never get away from words, never escape sentences. They will be part of your life forever.

I love the TV show “What Not to Wear.” I love that they transform someone – without surgery, without needles, without peroxide — from frumpy to fabulous in just a few short days. They take a woman who dresses badly – either colorless, baggy clothes or too-tight, too-bright clothes – and teach her how to dress in a way that flatters her body and “makes her inside reflect her outside.” A middle-aged woman wearing skin-tight mini-skirts and tube tops is saying something with her wardrobe. What she is saying is not something I would type on my blog. But rarely does that woman mean to be communicating that message. What she wants is to be taken seriously, to attract “the right kind of man,” to get that dream job. But none of that can happen when she’s dressed like Snooki.

A week later, however, she returns home in her A-line dresses and patterned pants and blouses and…WOW! Her friends and family are blubbering fools. She looks amazing. She feels amazing. And she commands the respect that she has craved.

Proper grammar is like a good wardrobe. It makes you look good. It impresses people, makes them take you seriously. It removes barriers that would keep people from being able to “see” the real you, the best you.

Is it annoying? Yes! Is it confusing? You betcha! But is it necessary? Sadly, yes it is. Without it, you sound like Snooki dresses. And that just ain’t pretty.


  1. Eustacia Tan
    Sep 7, 2012

    That’s so true! One of my pet peeves is poor grammar and spelling. But I admit that studying grammar is boring, to me, it’s more fun to naturally “learn” grammar by reading lots of and lots of books!

    • krista
      Sep 7, 2012

      I agree with you, Eustacia. Reading helps everything — grammar, vocabulary, geography…you name it 🙂

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