What You’ll Forget in 20 Years

Last week, I was walking to a Pep Rally with some of my students. Seniors. And it hit me – somewhere between my classroom and the basketball court – I was a senior 20 years ago.

Yes, I am THAT old. But let me just tell you — these 20 years have gone by fast. Really fast.

Those of my generation reading this are nodding their heads in agreement. You know exactly what I am talking about. Those of you who, like my students, think 37 is light years away: it’s not. It’s really not.

But for all of us, there is a lesson in my Pep Rally revelation: some things that seem super-important, life-or-death right now, aren’t.

Here’s what I don’t remember from 20 years ago:

  • My grade in Trigonometry
  • Our Homecoming theme
  • The score of any sport played my entire senior year
  • The most popular girl/boy in school
  • How much I weighed
  • The most popular song/movie/dance
  • Reasons for getting mad at my parents/friends/teachers
  • Anything from my closet
  • My SAT or ACT scores

I could go on – partly because I have a terrible memory….what was this post about, again? 🙂

So today, focus on what really matters: the parts of you that reflect Christ and are being shaped into someone who resembles him more and more each day.  Do your best in school, in sports, in your extracurricular activities, but don’t let yourself be defined by any of those. As my friend Laura tells her students, “You are not the grade you receive.” You are a beloved child of God. A child of God who may struggle with math, with some extra weight, with low self-esteem, with parents who are divorcing, with friends who have hurt you…but those aren’t who you are. You are God’s precious daughter. And all that other stuff…?


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