Check Out Line Fun

I grocery shop once a week.  And I almost always manage to end up in the line where there is a price check, or where the cashier is being trained, or where one is trading with another and the switch-over requires a manager’s help…you get the idea. I spend a lot of time waiting in line at the grocery store.

Grocery stores know people have to wait their turn – that’s why there are all those magazines at eye level on every aisle. And sometimes I’ll grab one and catch up on the dating and/or dieting lives of the rich and famous. But a lot of the times, I make up stories.

It’s fun.

I look at the carts of those around me and I make up stories about those people’s lives based on what they’re buying.

Someone with lots of fruits and veggies might have a 500 pound teenager at home and is trying to get his/her weigh down. But there’s a twelve-pack of Twix bars hidden underneath the carton of strawberries that gives her away — Mom can’t say no to her big baby. And she’ll be back in line tomorrow with food the kid will actually eat.

The guy with the cart full of Slim Jims and Root Beer? Just broke up with his girlfriend of three years. He’s sad to have lost her and all, but really happy to be reunited with his favorite snacks.

You get the picture. So  much more fun than hearing the latest drama about Tom and Katie, don’t you think? Give it a try next time you’re waiting behind the lady with the twenty bags of cat litter that are all supposed to be priced half what is coming up on the register…:)

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