Behind the Scenes: Starring Me

Starring Me comes out TOMORROW!!

You can read the back of the book or the blog reviews to find out what’s in this novel. What I thought I’d give you today is a little peek into the “making” of Starring Me.

The idea started with a conversation I had with my editor, Amanda. We both wanted the second book to be about Kara, and we both wanted it to be a modernization of a biblical character. But I didn’t know “who” Kara was. I had originally planned her to be Rahab, but that story didn’t seem to fit, anymore. Amanda suggested I keep writing about show business, especially since acting is something Kara loves. So we tossed around a few characters: Bathsheba? Nah. Sarah. Not quite right. Rebekah? Yes!

So I re-read the story of Isaac and Rebekah a few times. I asked God to show me what to write and how to write it. I talked with my students and asked what they like to read and what they thought would be interesting. And the plot began to fall into place.

Writing about auditions and acting technique was especially exciting because, while I was writing this, I was also directing our school’s production of “Beauty and the Beast.” This was definitely not the same as what Kara was dealing with, but I was able to use some of what I was telling my actors in the story, and I was able to use some of what they were telling me. (This was a high school production, but since we needed a “little” Chip, I was able to cast my daughter, Ellie, in that role. Isn’t she cute??)

Early on, we decided that Chad should have his own “voice” in this story. So several of the chapters are written from his perspective. Since he is “Isaac,” I wanted to give him Abraham and Sarah-ish parents – so they are older, godly, protective and loving. I decided that he should be homeschooled – partly as an homage to several of my friends who do just that and partly because it fits his “superstar” lifestyle.

There is a lot of me in this novel – in Kara and Flora, particularly. And there is a lot of what I love: Jesus, drama, and romance. I hope that you love it, too. Drop me line when you finish the book and let me know what you think! I love hearing from you!!

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