The Truth Chronicles

Because I have two daughters and I write for teen girls and read “girly” books, I was a little out of my element when my eight-year-old son asked for something interesting to read. Thankfully, my husband has a friend who writes for boys, and we were given copies of this fabulous series: “The Truth Chronicles.”

The Truth Chronicles: The Time Machine

These books follow brainy teens from Silicon Valley Prep on some amazing adventures. Thomas (my son) devoured the first book, where the teens build a time machine that actually works. He can’t wait to read the next books in the series. They are well-written and well-illustrated (Manga lovers will be in heaven!), and they are Christian. The author, Tim Chaffey, “is a pastor, cancer survivor, author, and apologist with a passion for reaching young people with the gospel.” I am thankful for writers like Tim, and I am pleased to recommend this book to my readers!

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