Southern Charm

We are currently traveling north — into the south.

Florida might be the southernmost state, but Florida is not the south. I was born in Tennessee. That is the south. Georgia is the south. The Carolinas, Mississippi, Alabama, Kentucky — all south.

I love the south. Not that I don’t love Florida. I do. Great weather, beaches, theme parks galore. What’s not to love?

But I love our trips “back home.”  I love the hills (we don’t have those in Florida). I love the lightning bugs (don’t have those, either). I love that you can make real mud pies down here (we get sandcastles…but no mud).

I love that folks slow down, ask how you’re doing — and mean it. I love that complete strangers will wave to you from their cars at four-way stops. Not because they’re angry. Just because they’re saying hi. My New Yorker husband still can’t get over that one. I love seeing brick houses and barns and farmland with cotton and corn and soybeans.

I could go on. But I’d rather get out and enjoy my time in the south. Tell me, though, you southerners – or those who wish you were – what is it you love about the south?

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