I am limited.

That shouldn’t be a revelation. But sometimes I live like it is. In the last couple weeks, I have been drowning in over-commitments. All good things. All fun. But all together too much. I have been going, going, going. Coming home to sleep and grab something to eat, then going again.

I am a busy woman, anyway: wife, mom of three, teacher, writer. And I know, in this season of my life, being on the go is to be expected. But there is a difference between having a full schedule and filling the little squares of my calendar so full that I have to write in 2-point font.

And that’s where I’ve been.

When the squares of the calendar are that full, it is impossible to give everything 100%. It is impossible to enjoy the days. It is impossible to have meaningful conversations. It is impossible to slow down and spend time with God.

Thankfully, I have friends who help me get out of my own messes, a husband who reminds me what’s important. I am grateful for people in my life who save me from myself. But I am reminded that I need to listen to those voices before I start filling my calendar, rather than waving my arms as I’m drowning, screaming for a lifeguard.

I still have one more week of crazy-busy. But then, my calendar has rows of blank squares. It is a beautiful sight. I want to see more of those blank squares.

Lots more.

Here’s to a “limited” summer 🙂

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