Can’t. Wait. Until. School’s. Out.

That’s right. Students aren’t the only ones. I am sitting at a co-worker’s desk, covering her 6th grade math class, desperately wishing I was home, reading a book, without a stack of essays to grade or two non-stop weeks of events to get through. Wishing I was not sitting here, being asked math questions I cannot answer (I am NOT smarter than a 6th grader). Wishing I didn’t have to get up tomorrow morning, but that I could sleep in. Stay in my pj’s all day.

But I do have a stack of essays to grade. And I do have two non-stop weeks of events to get through. And I do have a choice. I can moan and whine my way through these last 11 days and twenty-nine minutes of school, or I can finish well.

Most of what’s in me wants to choose the whiny route. It’s so much easier. I can easily gripe my way through the end of school. Why not? Everybody else is doing it.

But that will only make me — and everyone around me — miserable. My husband and my kids will have to live with “Cranky Krista”, my students with “Moaning McGee.” It won’t be pretty. And then, once the thrill of the summer wears off, I’ll be sitting home in my pj’s thinking, “I really shouldn’t have been so awful those last couple weeks.”

So I what I need to do is finish well. To tackle those essays with as much energy as I had at the beginning of the school year. To come to these events ready to celebrate, to smile, to laugh and cry. I need to fight this urge to give up, to get lazy, to be negative. Rather than desperately wishing I was home, I should be desperate to make these last 11 days the best — the best days for my students, my co-workers, the best days for my kids. I want to be sitting home, a month from now, in my pj’s, thinking, “That was a good year. A great last couple weeks.” No regrets, no “I should have’s.”

I choose to finish well. I know I can’t do that without God’s help. But “with God, all things are possible”!

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