We worry about just about everything. We worry about how we look and what we weigh, we worry about getting sick, about getting hurt. We worry about being misunderstood, about letting people down. We start worrying early. We worry about getting good grades, graduating from high school, graduating from college, getting married, getting a job. Then we worry about our kids getting good grades, graduating from high school….It never ends.

And because we all do it, we justify it. We allow it. We even joke about it.

But here’s the deal — worry is a sin. There are about a dozen verses with some version of “Do not worry” in them. Here are just a couple:

“So do not  worry about tomorrow; for tomorrow will  care for itself.  Each day has enough trouble of its own. Mt. 6:33

“And which of you by worrying can add a single hour to his  life’s span?” Lk. 12:25

Ultimately, worry reveals a lack of faith. We don’t really believe God is sovereignly in control — of EVERYTHING. If we truly grasped that truth, clung to it, then we could push away our worries, not give them any power over our lives.

So what do we do? Worry that we’re worrying too much?

How about every time we start worrying, we replace that thought with one of those verses? Claim those truths daily, hourly, until the truth replaces the lies. Until we live in the joy of trusting God instead of the bondage of worry.

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