Ikea Dreams and Panera Coffee

Some writers need absolute silence. Others need music. Some write with lots of notes spread all over their desk. Others just write without stopping, going back when they’re done to fix their mistakes. I know writers who have their own specials spaces specifically designated for writing – a basement study, an attic apartment. One writer I know has a “writing tower” in her back yard.

Not me. Maybe someday. When I dream about writing spaces, I dream in Ikea. My perfect space looks something like this:

For now, though, my reality is this:

 I have the corner of my bedroom, a workspace I share with my husband. He is working on his doctorate, so he writes almost as much as do. It’s a cozy little space. I am surrounded by books – just like in my dream. And, yes, I sit on a ball. Believe it or not, it’s actually WAY more comfortable than a chair. And it takes up less space. And my son uses it to launch himself onto my bed when I’m not using it. (warning: one of his friends broke his arm on a failed launch, so beware!)

I wrote most of First Date at my local library. Much of Starring Me was written at my desk at school during my free periods. Right Where I Belong (out in December 2012) was finished at Panera, between sips of hazelnut coffee. Actually, most of my manuscripts were completed between sips of some kind of coffee.

I don’t need absolute silence, but I do prefer quiet. And I like big chunks of time — sitting for 5-6 hours straight is much more beneficial than grabbing an hour or two here and there (though there are times when I have to grab what I can when I can).

Someday I’ll have my dream room. But for now, I am thankful to have my dream — being able to sit on my ball and write the stories that God gives me to amazing readers like you. In between sips of coffee.

Life is good!


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