Who Needs the New York Times Best Seller List?

Today on the website Girls, God, and the Good Life, Maddie, a 13-year-old guest blogger, wrote this about First Date:

“I have always had a Bible in my bedroom but I don’t remember doing anything with it other than carrying it to church on Sundays.  Addy’s example made me want to study my Bible to learn more about God’s word so I could share it like Addy—in a natural, non-threatening way.  I started reading my Bible right after I finished First Date and I haven’t stopped.  Now instead of being buried on my desk, it sits right next to my bed on top of the stack of my favorite books.”

I may not ever see my name on the NYT Best Seller List. I may not even get below #57,374 on Amazon’s list. But you know what? That’s all right. Because I’m not trying to make MY name famous. My job is to make the name of Jesus famous. To point people to him. I want to count success by the lives changed, not the number of books sold.

So thanks, Maddie. Reading that meant more to me than the best review I’ve gotten from any critic out there.

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  1. Shannon Dittemore
    Mar 3, 2012


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