More Important Than The Hunger Games

Over the last few weeks, I have sat through at least four lessons entirely devoted to prayer.

Coincidence? I don’t think so.

I get busy. Really busy.  And what suffers? My commitment to watch “Once Upon a Time”? To catch up on my friends’ lives on Facebook? To (finally) read The Hunger Games? Nope. What suffers is my prayer life.

Ridiculous, I know. And that is why God sends these reminders. Because prayer is that important.

So here are some reminders for myself about prayer. What I’ve learned in the distant and recent past, what I need to remember. Because prayer is more important than Snow White and Prince Charming. More important than the raging Timeline debate. Even more important than Katniss clinging to a golden cornucopia while trying to fend off wolves.

  • Prayer should be more about God than about me – praising Him, worshipping Him, listening to Him
  • I need to devote a specific time to prayer – mornings are best for me – where I get on my knees and focus only on communicating with my Creator.
  • I can also pray throughout the day. Paul says to “Pray without ceasing.”
  • When I tell people I am going to pray for them, I need to do it. Right then.
  • I need to seek forgiveness daily. Sometimes hourly.
  • My Bible study times shouldn’t be separate from my prayer times. I should stop as I study and meditate on what I am learning, asking God for wisdom, praising him for what h is teaching me.
  • I need to pray specifically. No blanket “God bless _________” prayers.
  • I need to examine my heart. Am I praying “Thy will be done” or am I praying “Krista’s will be done”?
  • I need to remember that with God, I can be completely honest. He knows what I’m thinking anyway.
  • I should put feet to my prayers: If I know someone is sick or hurting or struggling, I should pray for them and then I should help them.
  • I should be liberal with my thanks. God showers me with grace and mercy every day.  Am I recognizing that? Or am I just asking for more, more, more?
  • I shouldn’t let a day go by without having a meaningful conversation with God.

I know there’s more. But that’s what has come to mind right now. What about you? What has God taught you about prayer? (bullet points are optional :))

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