The Sound of Silence

I have a friend who is a dental hygienist. She has been working for the same dentist for 25 years. This dentist has windows facing a beautiful garden. My friend said that, 25 years ago, when she asked patients if they wanted a magazine while they waited for the dentist to come, they would say no. They wanted to sit and just enjoy the view.

(this isn’t the actual garden…but it is lovely, isn’t it?)

Today, though, when people are asked if they want a magazine while they wait, they still say no. But it’s because they have their phones and they text or update or check e-mail. But no one, she says, sits silently and enjoys the beautiful view. Not anymore.

I talked to a fellow teacher today who loves philosophy. People who love philosophy like to spend a lot of time thinking. He enjoys silent moments when he can ponder the purpose of our existence, the free will of man, whether or not Adam and Eve had belly buttons.

Silence. Thinking. I think we have too little of both today. We’re so busy and have so much to occupy our time (says the woman sitting behind her computer screen typing a blog post). But when do we just sit back and enjoy the beauty of nature? Relax and ponder life? Slow down?

I know I don’t take advantage of opportunities to enjoy silence.  To think. But I need to. In fact, I’m going to do that right now….

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