No Crack in Front or in Back

One of my former students is attending a Christian college. I asked if her school had a dress code. She said yes. I was waiting to hear a long list of what could and could not be worn on campus. Instead, she told me their policy was just seven words:

“No crack in front or in back”

I laughed. Because the images that popped into my head were pretty funny.

But, seriously,  does it matter what you wear? Do Christians really need to dress differently? Or is that just for those strict ultra-conservative folks who want to suck all the fun out of life whenever they can?

Here’s what I think: how we dress is important. It reflects who we are, how we think of ourselves. If you look at my daughters, you’ll get a glimpse of their personalities right away, just by what they wear. Emma, 13, loves fashion. She shops for hours to find just the right outfit, wanting every part of it to go together. If the super-cute shoes she bought are a little uncomfortable…oh, well. Ellie, 11, is much more of a free spirit. She wears what’s comfortable. And when she finds something she really likes – like her knit cap or her fuzzy moccasins – she wears them every day. Does she care if they don’t exactly go with her outfit? Nope. She likes them. That’s all that matters. They are different people and their styles reflect that. I love that! I wouldn’t want cookie cutter kids.

But here’s another thing: how we dress doesn’t just affect us. Other people have to see  us. And, girls, guys are looking at what you wear. And what you don’t wear. Guys are WAY more visual than we are. When we see a guy in short shorts, our first instinct is to gag (really — what are they thinking??). But when guys see girls in short shorts, their brain starts going places we, as sisters in Christ, don’t want it to go.

God made us beautiful, girls. But there are certain parts of our anatomy that need to stay covered. We don’t want to advertise what is not for sale. Yes, I know – it’s hard to find clothes that cover “the cracks in front and back.” But those clothes are out there, I promise.

So, yes, this is a “mom” post. But we moms aren’t out to get you or make your life miserable or keep you hopelessly out of style. We love you and want the very best for you. We want people to see you, not just for who you are, but for whose you are — a treasured daughter of the King.

So, please, just say no to cracks.

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