Scar Pride

I was sitting watching TV with the girls when a commercial came on, advertising a cream “that makes scars disappear”! Little girls were grinning now that their skinned knees were scar-free. Women eyed the camera seductively, no more embarrassing scars for them. They were so happy. And it was all because of that magic little bottle of cream.

I immediately thought of my back. I have a scar that begins at the base of my neck and keeps going for about 18 inches. It is a beautiful scar. The surgeon worked hard to make sure most of the scar was pencil-thin. Only the very bottom is thick. Now, after 24 years, it blends into my back, a barely noticeable reminder of one of the most painful experiences of my life (see “My Back Story” for details).

That surgery was a major event in my life. A milestone. It literally shaped who I am. Would I really want a cream to make it go away?

No way!

I am proud of my scar. When people see it peeking out of the top of my T-shirts or flagrantly displayed in bathing suits, I tell them my story. I flaunt my medically-induced perfect posture. I brag that I will never have to deal with slipped disks or osteoporosis.

This scar and I have been friends far too long to just rub her away with a cream I barely know.

So I turned the channel in disdain….wait, a Green Tea that burns belly fat “with no diet or exercise”? Now that’s more like it!…

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