My First Date

Those of you who took Thomas Nelson Fiction’s Tuesday Challenge know that my first date with my husband was snorkeling in the Gulf of Mexico.

But you what you may not know is that he never intended for it to be a date, that his sister did intend for it to be a date, and that he accidentally (should I put that in quotes??) touched my rear end…all on that first date. So here are the juicy details…

It was the summer of 1994, and Dave I were working at a Christian summer camp. I had promised not to date that summer — I was going to focus on my campers and the ministry God gave me. Dave wasn’t going to date because most us working there were in our first year of college, and he had already finished college. He was just there because his brother-in-law was the camp director and because he had nothing better to do.

As he was leaving his home in Long Island to come to down to Florida for camp, his mom said, “Maybe you’ll meet the woman God has for you this summer.” To which Dave replied, “No, I won’t.”

Mothers are always right.

No sparks flew when we first met. I was focused on my campers, after all. No time for boys.

But I watched him. He was a godly man. He spoke at some of our chapels, and I could tell he really loved God. That was attractive. And, once I started watching more, I saw that he was cute. Really cute.

But I wasn’t going to date.

And Dave didn’t ask me on a date. He asked me to go snorkeling “with a group of friends.” Except the group ended up being me and one other guy. And the other guy went off by himself, leaving Dave and me alone. In the Gulf of Mexico. I had already been approached by Dave’s sister earlier that day. “Don’t break his heart. Please.” She pleaded. “But have fun.”

No pressure.

But we did have fun. Dave was funny and interesting and a great conversationalist. And, did I mention, he was really cute?

Then it happened.

Dave saw a stingray and wanted to swim backwards a little to get a better look. I didn’t know any of this. I was beside him, swimming along (and, just for the record, not at all interested in being anywhere near stingrays). To go backwards while snorkeling, you have to move your arms forward. So he did.

Right into my rear end.

We both came up out of the water. He apologized. Over and over. I quickly said, “Hey no problem.” And then we went back under water and stayed there for a while.

We got married two years later. (though we didn’t “officially” start dating for another six months…but that’s another story)

Moral of the story: If you’re snorkeling in the Gulf of Mexico on your first date and you want to back up to see a stingray and accidentally hit your date’s rear end, be prepared to marry her.

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