Edits and Rewrites and Changes, oh my!

The version of First Date that is out wasn’t the first version. It’s more like version 5.0. I am grateful for the amazing people who spent time reading it and making the suggestions that ultimately led to the novel that (I hope!) you have now.

So I thought I’d share some of the changes it went through (don’t read this if you haven’t read the book, yet – there are some “spoilers” in here):

  • The original title was Get Real
  • Addy’s name was originally Haddy
  • Uncle Mike’s name was originally Morty
  • Kara’s name was originally Amy (apparently, I really like names that end with “y” :))
  • Jonathon’s original last name was “Jones”
  • Addy was voted off of “The Book of Love” halfway through, but was put back on due to Jonathon’s pressuring Hank
  • Addy spent time at a retirement home between the time she was voted off (above) and the time she returned
  • Addy had no friends in Tampa (Lexi was a later add-in)
  • Hank was putting together an expose about Christianity that would have done major damage to the community of faith
  • Addy got prideful when she returned home and was given so much attention
  • Addy got sucked into reading some of Kara’s racy romance novels
  • Spencer was a later add-in
  • Bull was a later add-in
  • The horseback riding scene was a later add-in, as was the water-skiing

There are more, but you get the idea. Lots of changes, lots of help, lots of <control> “A” (deep breath, don’t cry) <delete> to get this idea from my head to my computer into your hands.

But seeing it – in print – is TOTALLY worth all that. And hearing that people like it, that they are encouraged by it…wow! It helps make pushing that delete button for the next book that much easier.

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